creative muscle for hire

  • mBloom Window Mural.

    Hey Josh, can you make a crazy man vs tech mural?

    Sometimes I feel like my clients have a tiny spaceship like the one in Innerspace.  They fly deep into my brain and find all the fun projects I dream of working on.  The ask: design a large, eye-catching window mural that will need to cover a 30′ x 7.5′ space.  The clients had an upcoming fancy-pants mixer and they wanted the windows to be a focal point.  No pressure…

    The instructions were simple.  Create an office scene where the developers were locked in a battle with their machines.  Holy fun.

    I sketched the entire scene out by hand originally and did my best to space out the action.  It needed to flow over such a large horizontal space that it took some tinkering.  The characters had to be simplified greatly for legibility (the road was over 75 feet away from the building).  After a full-scale color mock up it was decided that monochromatic produced a more cohesive feel.

    Illustrator for the heavy lifting.

    Sadly in the end, due to by-law restrictions the clients were unable to place the mural up on the glass.