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  • Hoplite Personal Training.

    Full disclosure here kids, I own and run Hoplite Personal Training.

    Hoplite personal training became my nighttime salvation after years of sitting at a desk all day.  I was feeling more run down than normal and about twice my age.  After making moves in the right direction and dropping some unwanted pounds I realized I had a true passion for health and wellness.

    I became a certified personal trainer, precision nutrition trainer and all around fitness enthusiast.  With this new found outlet and budding business opportunity came the chance to do something I had always wanted to do.  Establish a brand and identity from scratch.

    I chose the name Hoplite because Spartan felt played out.  Sure the Spartan’s get all the limelight but the Hoplite’s were the real backbone.  Hoplite’s were citizen solider’s ready to go to battle when the call came.  They made and carried their own armour and worked as a team.  I liked this imagery and story a lot, and lucky enough for me the name was available.