creative muscle for hire

  • Handheld and iOS titles.

    In my time with HB-Studios it is safe to say that I helped ship a lot of titles.

    I was backed by the two best things an art-boss could ask for:

    1) a supportive boss who let me run with ideas

    2) a team of awesome designers and production staff

    In my early days at HB-Studios I was a junior Graphic Artist.  My role back then was to crank out in-game assets that were to be used in menu’s, front-end screens, back-end overlays and H.U.D (Head’s Up Display).  I would work with a Senior Artist and chip in where I could.  I became very well versed in User Interface design and User Experience.

    After working my way through a number of projects I was promoted through the ranks until I eventually landed the role of Head of Graphic Art.  As the H.O.G.A I was responsible more for the vision, concept and kick-off direction.  I would collaborate with my team (at one point it was over 10 artists) and the producer to create a cohesive direction.  I would then pitch the concepts to the company President for approval.

    I worked directly with our clients and was responsible for everything from estimates, expectations and deadline delivery.

    It was a great experience and it gave me a chance to learn the ins and outs of game development.

    Check out the image for an overview of the handheld and iOS titles I worked on directly.

    I truly enjoyed working on “portable” titles vs full console work.  The clear screens, high resolution and distinct lack of “safe-zones” were all welcomed alternatives to developing full scale games.  I also liked the challenges offered by a smaller screen space and limited memory size.