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  • Console Games.

    I’ve always loved sports based videogames.

    As a kid growing up in Canada, playing NHL on my gaming console was a rite of passage.   I always enjoyed being able to live vicariously through those tiny sprites and win a Stanley Cup.  Most said I’d outgrow it…

    Then it became my career.

    While working at HB-Studios I was offered the rare opportunity to dig in and work on EVERY GAME I EVER LOVED growing up.  Hell, I even got paid to do it.  I know I must have a horseshoe hidden somewhere.  Console gaming is a worldwide behemoth and in my time at HB we shipped over 20 million units on a combined 30 +SKUs.

    Starting out on these titles I was a regular graphic designer on these titles:

    Rugby 06 PS2
    Champions League 2 PS2/PSP
    Fifa Street 2 PSP
    NBA LIVE 08 PS2

    Then I became the Head of Graphic Art for the company and ran the 2D department.  While the Head of Graphic Art I shipped these titles:

    Rugby 08 PS2
    Big Beach Sports Wii
    Rock Revolution DS/Wii
    NHL 09 PC/PS2
    Football Academy DS
    Tiger Woods 10 PS2/PSP
    Fifa 10 PS2/PSP
    2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa 360/Wii/PSP
    Fifa 10 Ultimate Team X360
    HB Arcade Cards Wiiware
    HB Arcade Disc Golf Wiiware
    HB Arcade Jam Space/Pocketstudio Wiiware
    Backyard Baseball “Sandlot Sluggers” 360/Wii
    Backyard Football “Rookie Rush” 360/Wii
    Rugby World Cup 2011 360/PS3
    Fifa 11 PSP/PS2
    Madden 12 Wii
    Madden 2012 FE support X360/PS3
    Fifa 12 Wii
    Sims 3 Trial PC
    HB Rugby Score Predictor App iOS
    Madden 13 Wii
    Madden 13 Vita
    Baller Beats X360 Kinect

    + a few more that died on the vine 🙁

    Console game development is a tough job.  There are a lot of pieces that need to play together nicely for you to end up with a solid and shippable product.  I am proud of each and every title we got out the door.  World beater of not, they all taught me valuable lessons that made me a more complete artist and creative director.