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  • ACKU Alaska Badge.

    The ACKU are fun to work with.

    Over the years they’ve challenged me on a number of occasions ranging from T-shirts, print ads and even embroidered crests.  They run a hugely successful karate organization that is based in Calgary with hundreds of active students.

    The fun in working with the ACKU is that they make me work outside my comfort zone (I’m primarily a digital fella) and expand myself into hardgoods.  The subject matter is always interesting and it takes some real trial and error to build a cohesive scene in such limited real estate and limited palette.

    I truly enjoy this sort of work.

    Enter the ACKU Alaska 2013 crest.  It had to say Alaska, it had to have the big dipper (part of their state flag), had to involve gold panning and had to look cool.


    Here is the final product.