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Just for the fun of it

I love motorcycles just as much as I love design.

I once had the feeling of riding a motorcycle explained to me so perfectly that it is the only example I offer up when asked why I ride.

When you ride in a car you’re an observer .  You sit inside on a comfy seat, watching the world go by through a frame.  It’s more like watching a movie than actually experiencing something for yourself.  On a bike this all changes.  You immediately become part of the scene.  The temperature, the smells, the wind, the feel of the road.  Your senses are on high alert, both hands are working, both feet are working and your head is on a swivel.  You’re either fully on…..or you’re off….in a ditch.

As a person who grapples with focus on a daily basis I find something therapeutic and immensely calming about riding a bike.  When I ride a motorcycle THE ONLY THING I AM DOING IS RIDING A MOTORCYCLE.  There are no email reminders, no task lists, no interruptions.  It’s Josh, 100% focused on staying upright.  That’s it.  That’s all.

Living on Vancouver Island for the winter has introduced me into the year round bike culture that only the West Coast of Canada can offer.  Seeing these beauties roll past me, even in mid January, has me inspired.

I’m a kid from the 80’s and grew up on Martial Arts movies and Cop movies.  I love the lost art of the “cheesy airbrushed” feel from that era.  While I know that clean, flat and vector are all the rage at the moment, my heart says GRADIENTS AND CHROME.

Here’s my shot at a classic Shoei ad from the 80’s.

Check out the clean vector as well as the sassy treated version.

helm2 copy helm




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