creative muscle for hire

Great print shops are hard to find.

Relationships with printer’s can be tumultuous if you are a designer.

Like all budding loves, things start off peachy-keen and it’s all hand holding, rainbows and high-fives.  Then before you know it you’re left weeping in an alleyway wearing nothing but a ninja-turtles costume trying to kick-start your moped in the rain and wondering how you ended up in Tallahassee.

Lucky for me I found Jukebox Printing.

Their team of crackpot assassins have never let me down.

I’ve done folders, business cards, postcards and even letterhead.  Yeah I know!  People still send letters….you know….for announcing fancy things.

Their support team could talk me off a ledge and they even once shipped a box of cards to a hotel for me so my contact could pick them up ON HIS WAY TO A MEETING.   Bam, I just blew your mind.

Threading the needle is their WHEELHOUSE.

postcard cards2 cards1






























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